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But I digress.I PORSCHE 911GT2 79 24H MANS 95 STADLER Motors 1 43 Vitesse PHM No Spark

After a new round of tests, to which I no longer put up any resistance, the big day arrives. During the course of a battle that beginsCitroën DS3 WRC - World Champion - Rallye GB 2011 NOREV 1 18 181557 at dawn and lasts for four hours, my xenomorph is cut up into small slices and removed by a kind of transformer called Da Vinci – as if it were a ninja turtle, to keep our references cinematic. It’s almost a pity to have slept soundly through the whole thing. I mean, robotic surgery – if that isn’t science fiction, I don’t know what is.

The calm that followsCrazy Toys HULK Figure Marvel Classique Avengers 30cm fine art statue AVENGERS – a month of house arrest at the orders of the medical authorities – serves to heal my wounds – the relatively small ones on my body and the deeper ones to my pride – and to recharge my batteries. The Alien was a nasty brute which could have done for me, its unwitting host, that much is clear. But theAric Almirola 2018 Lionel 10 Smithfield Dimensionedega Raced Win 1 24 FREE SHIP subsequent examinations all come back negative, no further traces of the monstrous creature, no unwanted legacies are found, and no additional treatment is required. And barely two months later, I am given the green light to go back to the gym, providing me with a not inconsiderable boost to my self-esteem.

Xenomorphs are treacherous beasts, as the crew of the spaceship Nostromo learned to its cost, and so I need to go back for regular tests for quite some time. But right now I can afford to be a little optimistic and suggest that ‘The End’ of our little adventure film has arrived and that we won’t have to sit through any “sequels” which, as film buffsFerrari 625 Lm 12 3Rd Le Mans 1956 Gendebien-Trintignant 1 43 Art Model ART276 know, rarely live up to the original.

So as1 18 Autoart JAGUAR XK-SS RHD blu boxed in Premium-MODELCARS the credits roll, let’s by all means have a round of applause for fate, if that’s what you want to call it, and let’s also give hospitals (which are not so bad once you get to know them) their fair dues. But I simply cannot let the curtain fall without giving the good old medical check-up the recognition its life-saving services deserve.


(Traduzione di Daniel Newton)

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